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Hospitality House of
Owatonna, Inc.


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Our Goal:

To challenge 100 MEN to donate $100 to help their homeless brothers. Together we would raise $10,000 for Hospitality House of Owatonna, the only men's transitional homeless shelter in Southern MN.

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Who we are

Hospitality House of Owatonna, Inc. offers temporary and emergency accommodations for men who are transitioning through homelessness.  We are a non-profit 501(c)3 community-based organization whose purpose is to provide a place of hospitality that is safe, clean and comfortable.  Its purpose and function are modeled after the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker Movement houses of hospitality.

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How to

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What Guests Say

"Thank you to HHO for giving me and others like me a compassionate place to live when things in life get tough and we need some help. I am so grateful".  -Carlos

25% of our guests were employed at intake and 30% were identified as unable to work due medical reasons or were retired.


42%  of the men we served were from Steele County, 10% Rice county, 6% Freeborn County, 5% Waseca County, 2% Dodge County, 13% from Jail/Prison, 5% from Hospitals, Mental Health and Treatment Facilities, 13% Metropolis areas (Twin cities, Rochester, & Mankato) 


72% of guests have ties to Steele County

87 different individuals were served at Hospitality House of Owatonna, Inc. 10 guests came back to us one or more times.

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