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2023 Board of Directors

Thank you to our board of directors who, through provision of oversight and governance, demonstrate care for our guests’ successful journeys to permanent homes.



Retired Director Community Pathways

Michale Pegg.jpg

Vice Chair

Commercial Underwriter with Federated Insurance




Ashley Thorn.jpg


Attorney Federated Insurance

A special thank you to Abby Wigham, Express Employment Services, Inc. for work on our social media marketing and graphics and Amy Baker for work on our Monthly Bulletin.

Past Board of Directors

Thank you to all the board members who have served the Hospitality House in Owatonna in the past. 
We appreciate all you have done to create a safe temporary home for our guests.

  • Mark Cashman

  • Mary Carstensen

  • Peter Connor

  • Kathy Corriveau

  • Pat Fagan

  • Robin Frette

  • Pat Heydon

  • Richard LaLonde

  • Arch M

  • Tim McManimon

  • Danielle Norrid

  • Greg Olson

  • William Owens

  • Rob Remker

  • Dan Schember

  • Brad Svenby

  • Joleen Sherrets

  • Garry Viegut

  • Bonnie Weeks

  • Ruth Weigt

  • Carolyn Wheeler

  • Edith Zamboni

  • Jerry Zetah

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