Needed Items

First and foremost, the Hospitality House of Owatonna, Inc. could use your prayers. 

We are always amazed by the community and the ability of others to give to the Hospitality House of Owatonna, Inc.

Here are a few things we could use:

Groceries or Prepared Meals

When you are out shopping, please consider adding some staple items to your cart for a donation to our house.  Or, contact us about bringing a prepared meal to the house.  There is nothing that warms the soul better than a home-cooked meal.

Personal Care Items

Hair care, soaps, razors ... we could use a variety of personal care items for guests.  All personal care items must be new and in original packaging for us to be able to accept it.


Laundry Soap, Clean Bedding, Towels

We often have a need for laundry soap as well as bedding and towels.

Clean & Laundered Men's Jeans and Jackets

If you have clothing donations, we ask that you donate them to Community Pathways, Inc.  Each person who comes to the Hospitality House receives a voucher to go to their location and select apparel that he may need.  Thank you!

Here is a list of current projects: 

  • Building a retaining wall

  • Landscaping

  • Privacy fence
    Click here to see about volunteering

Bag of Groceries

Please Note that donations cannot be accepted without a prior appointment with Hospitality House staff.