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Kitchen Cabinet

It's the simple things in life that matter....

It's as simple as getting a dish from a cupboard. When you are homeless, you don't experience the simple things many of us take for granted.  A dish, a table, a bed....

Hospitality House of Owatonna, Inc. offers temporary accommodations for men who are transitioning through homelessness.  Our purpose is to provide a place of hospitality that is safe, clean and comfortable. 

We strive to be a home free of judgment where men can find respite and a base from which to organize themselves for the next phase of their lives.  Hospitality House works with guests to locate and access the resources they need to progress towards self-sufficiency and independent living.

The House relies on the philanthropy of compassionate people and organizations who see the value in what we do.

Hospitality House of Owatonna, Inc. is overseen through a Board of Directors and paid Program Manager, who manages all house operations and staff. Hospitality House of Owatonna, Inc.  is staffed with a Program Coordinator who supports the Program Manager by assisting with case management and administrative tasks, coordinating fundraising efforts, and managing data.


The House is staffed every night with supportive personnel who ensure that house rules are followed and that the men are accountable to themselves, their fellow guests, their neighborhood, and the community-at-large. In addition, volunteers donate their time, skills, and energy to assist the operation and are most important to our success.

We envision a community where everyone has a safe place to live.

Hospitality House partners with our community to ensure that those experiencing homelessness in the Owatonna area have a safe and hospitable place to stay. Employees
and volunteers provide compassionate support to guests as they design their own pathway to independence.


  • Values that guide our work:

  • Hospitality generous & friendly treatment of guests.

  • Safety & Security for guests, employees, and volunteers.

  • Compassion free of judgment, seek to understand.

  • Independence help guests find a pathway to independent living.

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